Life Suspended: The Abstract Work of Amy Thompson

Abstract artist Amy Thompson was born and raised in Siouxland. Creative from an early age, her educational path was in writing; although, she continued her art and photography on her own. After ten years of teaching English and Writing, and with the urging of her husband, she began painting fulltime. In 2011, she opened Prairie Fire Studios. In 2019 she opened Art SUX, an art gallery featuring her and nine other artists' studios and work.

Amy currently resides in McCook Lake, SD with her husband and two sons.

Born in October of 1977, Amy's life has been a constant struggle between a desire to communicate and a necessity to hide.

She prefers painting on the floor rather than on an easel, as it gives her greater control over the canvas and materials. Often Amy uses her hands instead of brushes or other painting tools.

Amy prefers acrylic paint yet has used inks, sprays, oils and watercolors. Amy does sometimes pick up on mixed media influences and uses odd tangible objects in her pieces. Most recently, she has been experimenting with resin and the combination of various mediums with resin on canvas.

With spontaneity in inspiration and creation, she often finishes a painting quickly; recently, letting them sit in eyes view a few days before she decides to abandon it (no piece is every really finished in her mind). The canvas, as a whole, is the focal point instead of one object or element.