Community Art

Since 2012, Yankton Area Arts has been undertaking annual community art projects to help further YAA's mission of integrating arts into the community.

In the summer of 2012, YAA assisted with getting approval for and constructing a 60-day installation of a "Before I Die ..." community chalkboard near Yankton's Meridian Bridge. Yankton's wall was one of hundreds of global "Before I Die ..." installations and was included in the book, Before I Die, by Candy Chang

In 2013 and 2014, YAA's "Have Eyes for the Arts" campaign was further reinforced by two community arts projects that populated the City of Yankton with playful eyeballs. In 2013, YAA enlisted the help of Klein's Tree Service to animate several trees around town with eyes. In 2014, YAA's "30 Days of Eyes" led up to the 30th annual Summer Arts Festival. Eyes incorporated into downtown Yankton landmarks and businesses were unveiled each day for 30 days on social media. Community members were encouraged to take selfies with the eyes and share them on Facebook.

In 2015, YAA's "Art Happens Here" campaign included a gallery installation called "Modify. Dotify." During the summer months, visitors to the GAR Hall Gallery were invited to modify and dotify the initially all-white art studio into a community-designed masterpiece.

Modify. Dotify.

Community Arts Gallery