Exhibit: Mary Jane Mathrole

Aug 30th 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Mary Jane Mathrole, was born and reared in Wakonda, South Dakota. She attended the University of South Dakota where she studied Elementary Education. She taught all over the world including in South America. Mary Jane now resides in Crofton, loves adventure, travel and learning new things. She is a self taught artist who takes classes and workshops whenever she can. She is a member of the Connecting Artists group. This is her first solo exhibit.

Artist's Statement
I am on a quest to explore my surroundings more closely through art.

I am enjoying the challenge of really looking closely at something for the many nuances of colors, shapes and light and then transferring those things to a flat piece of paper.  It is so amazing all the little things I have missed all my life.

I lose all track of time when I get a brush in my hand.  I love to watch what happens when you add paint to water on paper.  It is magic and different every time.  I love learning, growing and exploring something so old but yet so new to me.
- Mary Jane Mathrole