Meridian en Blanc 

Inspired by the Dîner en Blanc concept born in Paris and adopted by many cities around the world, Yankton Area Arts introduced a similarly chic picnic on the Meridian Bridge in 2014. Intending to celebrate the arts in a beautiful outdoor setting, this has become an annual fundraiser to support arts programming in the Yankton area.

July 18, 2020


Meridian at Home is our answer to keeping you safe.

Ticket holders will enjoy a meal prepared by Counterfeit Catering, your choice of a bottle of wine or a locally brewed crowler of beer, and a link to a private concert that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or in one of our lovely parks. YAA is also planning some fun games for you to participate in during the evening, all to remember why the arts in our community matter.

In this moment in history, we are seeing the arts offer strength, hope, and encouragement. The arts are helping build community and connection. Yankton Area Arts strives to provide the quality of life sought by individuals and families in our community, and with your help we can continue to fulfill our mission of education, advocacy, and cultural enrichment in this time of uncertainty.

Tickets may be purchased between June 1 and July 1.

YAA will contact you directly with instructions to safely pick up your meal on Saturday, July 18.

Meridian for Two - $100

Includes meal for 2, a shared bottle of wine or crowler of beer*, and a link to a private concert.

 Meridian for One - $55

Includes meal for 1, a bottle of wine or a crowler of beer*, and a link to a private concert.


*YAA will check IDs at the time of pick up to ensure purchasers are of legal drinking age.

Menu - prepared by Counterfeit Catering

Thunderbird Chicken Wrap

Orange Glazed Fruit Salad with Herbs

Caprese Pasta Salad

Mini S'mores

Choice of Wine or Beer

a) Sea Sun Chardonnay (Wagner Family of Wine)

b) Sea Sun Pinot Noir (Wagner Family of Wine)

c) Strawberry Blonde - Blonde Ale (Ben's Brewing)

d) Cease and Desist (Ben's Brewing)


Thank you to our Sponsors

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