Mark Zimmerman Exhibit: Poems of Place

Jan 12th 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If you grew up in square rooms, in square houses, in square towns of square states, you might find a square, or perhaps more properly a grid, becoming an unavoidable form in your landscape paintings and an inescapable conceptual component in your view of a land, in your idea of home. The subject of my work today is place, the landscape of the northern high plains and recently the Black Hills, which I call home. I love these places and their great space.

Memories of place, the feel as much as the look, haunt my existence. String memories of multiple visions together, dump them on a canvas, and stir them into visual equivalents of place and memory and you’re close to my artistic process. This is coupled with an appreciation for the slant and refraction of light, colors reflected to the eye by land and sky, textures under foot and at hand, and the space, that fraught emptiness of these lands as felt, seen, remembered, and conceptualized. All of these interests, in varying and unpredictable combinations, provide the subject for my work.

It is also my hope that elements of form, individually and in concert, delight the eye, satisfy an innate sense for quality, sound rich chords recalling spaces and lands remembered and dreamt, real and archetypal, that the works engage the intellect and imagination and resonate in the heart of the viewer. 


Mark Zimmerman

Valley of Jim Creek

The Black Hills - 2017