Exhibit: Phases by Phyllis Packard and Cheryl Halsey

Jan 10th 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cheryl Peterson Halsey and Phyllis W. Packard will be presenting a combined exhibit of fiber art and photography titled Phases.

Artist Statement - Cheryl Peterson Halsey

Living in a Mosaic:
I am a tourist.
With a camera.
Moving to see.
Watching what is.
Looking for what I hadn't seen.
Visual elements are instrumental. Storied moments, song.
I pursue commonality. One thread, the concept of work.

Artist Statement - Phyllis Whitcomb Packard

The works provided demonstrate three distinct phases of my work. One phase includes my search to provide paintings through woven fiber of the South Dakota prairie atmosphere and landscape. During my over fifty years of weaving and thirty years working in the environment the two have over lapped into a fascination with the earth and sky layers. 

The second phase pieces are woven utilizing traditional tapestry and coverlet pattern techniques. The pieces play with the many phases and of the moon and the habitat of Monarchs. My fascination with the human need for folklore, legends and myths to explain the night sky, place gnomes in our gardens, and celebrate the day of the dead are all a part of the second phase.  

The third phase, in some way is an extension of phase two, utilizes knitting, weaving, crochet, and felting to provide a whimsical search of childhood memories.